June 21st - 23rd, 2019

Things To Know

First off thanks so much for being part of the 2018 Marquette Trails Festival, we are now in our fifth year and excited to continue to grow with your support. The Marquette Trails Festival is part of the Noquemanon Trail Network, which is a Non Profit Organization that was created to build and maintain the recreational trails in Marquette, MI.

The Marquette Trails Festival takes place for the most part on the South Trails in Southern Marquette. Besides the Dual Slalom Race, Enduro Race, and Long XC Race all of our events start and finish at Marquette Mountain Ski Area. The ski hill is our hub and center for all things Marquette Trails Festival during the weekend. There you will find registration tents, race starts and finishes, vendors, social events, and more.

The weekend of fun kicks off on Friday evening with our highly anticipated and exciting Dual Slalom Race. Located about half way up the Benson Grade Rd. (Across from the Ski Hill) we start the weekend with head to head racing on a track that is fast and intense… a must watch event. We end the night with a surpirse this year (to be announced), a few beers, and lots of stories of racing fun.

Saturday is our big day and contains the majority of our events. We start the day with the Twin Peaks Trail Run which is a technically challenging 1/2 marathon trail running race. Next comes our fun and smile inducing 5k Trail Run, built for all ages and ability levels. Right after the two running races take place, we hit the trails with our Youth running event. This is a fun 1.5 mile run through some beautiful single track. Running awards will all follow directly after the Youth run. On Saturday afternoon we start our Mountain Bike Enduro, pedal up with your friends and race down 2, 4 or 6 incredible stages that are scattered throughout the South Trails Network. The day ends with the Youth Dual Slalom Event. Just like Friday’s Dual Slalom we head back to the Benson Grade Rd. and watch the next generation battle it out head to head on our fast and exciting DS course. Awards for both the Enduro and Youth Dual Slalom will take place at the Youth DS. After all the fun of racing we will head to the T-Bar at Marquette Mountain and enjoy a free showing of “North of Nightfall” and new Redbull Media biking production.

Sunday is normally a day of rest for most, not for the Marquette Trails Festival though.

Back for its third year is our Point to Point Long XC Mountain Bike Race. Like last year the race will start at our Forrestville Trailhead and take you through 31 miles of Marquette’s best single track, all the way back to Marquette Mountain Ski Hill. If the Long XC isn’t your style then you’ll have the chance to sample the South Trails best singletrack by competing in the Short XC Mountain Bike Race. This event is fast and short and allows you to sample some of the best trail we have…. a must ride race for your first MTF race. After the XC races are done we will startĀ up our Youth Mountain Bike Race. All awards for the XC races will immediately follow the Youth MTB Race. The day wouldn’t be complete without ending with the white knuckled, fast, and intense Downhill Mountain Bike Race…. another must watch and must attend event for the brave. Sunday will conclude with awards from the Downhill race.

Last year we raised $9,500 for the trails of Marquette and we hope to see that number grow for the 2018 Festival. Sign up early and save your hard earned cash. If racing isn’t your thing but you would like to help with the event we are always in need of gracious volunteers. The Volunteer Sign Up page will be up by Mid May and we always NEED your help.

Please send over any questions to marquettetrailsfest@gmail.com and we will help steer you in the right direction. Again thank you so much for being part of our festival and most of all the MTF Family. We look forward to seeing you in the end of June.